Build something awesome with the Voicegain platform today

Free Tier Offer: For a limited time, new accounts on Voicegain cloud receive free 600 minutes* of monthly platform use. No credit card required if you sign up today. Use Voicegain APIs to build your amazing app. Maybe it is a unique voice bot, a Speech IVR, or an app that analyzes your audio - call recordings, podcasts or meetings. 

Features available immediately after sign-up

  • Full set of RESTful Speech-to-Text (STT) APIs 

  • Realtime STT using gRPC, Web-sockets or MRCP

  • Offline Transcription from the Voicegain Web Portal

  • Live Transcription with broadcast via Web-sockets 

Early access Alpha features

  • Speech Analytics UI 

  • RTC Callback APIs with WebRTC and SIP/RTP (use for Voice Bots, Speech IVRs, Live Agent Assist, etc)

Have questions - visit Free Tier FAQs on our support website. Terms of Use. Privacy Policy.


If you are interested in Edge Deployment for Speech IVR, check out our $9999 offer.

* Free 600 minutes include either Offline or Realtime Speech-to-Text.

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