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Under Your Control

Build Voice AI apps with our Speech-to-Text APIs. Transcribe & analyze meetings, contact center calls, videos and more. All built on our highly accurate and affordable deep-learning ASR. Deploy in your infra or use our cloud. Train on your data to build custom models that you own and get high accuracy.

APIs for Developers   •   Transcription for Business Users   •   Automation & Analytics for Call Centers

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Voicegain - Speech-to-Text
Under Your Control
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Speech Recognition that is Accurate, Affordable, and Accessible

Voicegain’s deep learning ASR offers an unbeatable combination of accuracy, price and flexibility. Voicegain ASR can be deployed on-premise, in your VPC or invoked as a cloud service. We integrate out-of-the-box with leading contact center, video meeting and bot platforms.

Built on Deep Learning, trainable on your data for unmatched accuracy

Our ASR is built on most recent advances in deep learning. We utilize end-to-end transformer-based deep neural networks and we have trained it with several tens of thousands of hours of diverse audio datasets.

  • App Specific Models
    Offline, real-time, bot
  • Acoustic Model Training
    For Accents, Dialects, Domain
  • Runtime Speech Adaptation
    Domain Specific Language Models, Hints
  • Multiple Languages
    English, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Hindi and Korean
  • Training & Inference on modern GPUs
    NVIDIA A100 for Training, T4 for Inference
  • Deploys easily on the Edge
    Kubernetes Cluster in Datacenter or VPC
Voicegain Developer

APIs to embed transcription into your app and build voice bots accessible over telephony. Deploy Voicegain on your infrastructure (VPC, Datacenter) or use our cloud service

  • Speech-to-Text APIs
    Embed batch or streaming transcription into your app. Voicegain supports English, Spanish, German (French and Portuguese under development).
  • Telephony Bot APIs
    Voice-enable Chat Bots by inviting Voicegain into a SIP session. Bring your own CPaaS. Integrate our Webhooks/Callbacks with any NLU/Bot Framework (Dialogflow, RASA, Azure Bot).
  • Speech Analytics APIs
    Transcribe audio and analyze transcribed text for sentiment, NER, keywords and intent using a single API. Supports both batch and streaming use-cases.
    Integrate Voicegain with MRCP based platforms. Access using Speech grammars or large vocabulary transcription. Deploy in your datacenter or VPC.
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Voicegain Transcribe

Transcribe meetings, webinars and events live using microphone or browser audio sharing. Or simply convert pre-recorded audio content into text. White-label or Source Code License of UI available.

  • Stream Audio from Browser and Transcribe Live
    Stream Audio from Browser and Transcribe Live
  • Transcribe audio content
    Upload pre-recorded audio content and review transcripts
  • Extract Keywords, Named Entities
    Extract NLU metrics like Keywords, Named Entities
  • PII Redaction
    Redact personally identifiable information like name, social security number
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Voicegain Speech Analytics

Automate Quality Assurance and extract CX insights from voice interactions in contact center. White-label or Source Code License of UI available.

  • Extract Sentiment – Caller & Agent
  • Automate filling of QA Scorecard
  • Extract top call drivers
  • Get AHT Insights for coaching
  • Mine Product and Service Insights
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Voicegain - Speech-to-Text
Under Your Control
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