The team behind VoiceGain has more than 12 years of experience in making speech recognition work in the real world. We developed speech recognition ivr applications for Fortune 500 companies in cable, telecom and high-tech and we were directly responsible for automating over 200 Million customer support calls. We built these speech applications on top of our own Dialog Engine and utilized artificial intelligence to guide the dialog, modify the call flows, and improve the recognition results from commercial speech recognizers.


When exciting new hardware developments (like GPUs) and developments in AI made Deep Neural Networks possible, we decided to work on our own DNN Speech Recognizer. Initially our goal was to augment the commercial speech recognizers that we used in our IVR. Very quickly we realized that our new customized recognizer performed better than some commercial ASRs.


This lead us to launch a full scale effort to build a Speech to Text platform from ground up. We wanted to allow developers to customize the models and make it easy for them to use speech-to-text in a wide range of applications like transcription and IVR.


We also realized from our enterprise experience that many speech applications would require deployment at the edge. This would allow clients to have full control over their data and data security. This would also minimize the total cost of ownership for large volume applications.

Photo of Arun Santhebenur - Co-founder and CEO of Voicegain
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Arun Santhebennur

Co-founder & CEO

Arun has founded 3 successful startup companies prior to Voicegain. He was Co-founder and CEO of Resolvity, Inc.

Photo of Dr. Jacek Jarmulak - Co-founder & CTO of Voicegain
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Dr. Jacek Jarmulak

Co-founder & CTO

Jacek worked as Senior AI Scientist and then SVP for Resolvity. He has PhD in Computer Science (AI) from TU Delft.

Photo of Kuo Zhang - Senior AI Scentist at Voicegain
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Kuo Zhang

Senior AI Scientist

Kuo joined us from Columbia University. His talent and energy allow us to implement new ideas as fast as we can think of them.

Photo of Yungwei Chen - Director of Software Engineering at Voicegain
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Yungwei Chen

Director SWE

Yungwei brings to our team 15 years of Software Engineering experience, working on every possible aspect of IVR platforms

Photo of Jonathan Tran - Senior Full-Stack Software Engineer at Voicegain
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Jonathan Tran

Senior Full-Stack SWE

Jonathan joined us from UT Austin. He is a programmer by instinct. He is responsible for the Voicegain Web Portal.

Photo of Chuck Mullins - Senior DevOps at Voicegain
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Chuck Mullins

Senior DevOps

Chuck is a master over all things related to systems, virtualization, containers, K8S, CI/CD, networking, security, etc. 

Careers at Voicegain - Speech Recognition and Artificial Intelligence Startup

We're always on the look out for new talent!


For up-to-date information about job openings at VoiceGain, please visit the Careers section of our Blog.


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