Test Voicegain realtime Speech-to-Text from your browser

You can now test the accuracy of both our realtime and offline speech-to-text  by visiting our demo page.

Read out paragraphs of your favorite book, give a speech that inspires, mimic your favorite actor or just play a podcast or YouTube video!

Health check for the demo

  1. We currently support Chrome and Edge browser only.
  2. Please ensure that your CPU utilization is not too high (<50%) and your internet bandwidth is reasonable (10 Mbps both directions).
  3. Ensure that your microphone is not being used by another program like Zoom, Teams, Skype or Webex.

If you are noticing delays in real-time transcription results, they are  likely because of resource issues on your computer.

Real-time Transcription

Simply click on the microphone icon to get started. You can either speak or stream audio into your microphone from your browser for a full minute.

You can also play back the audio to make sure that it was indeed streamed to us accurately.

Offline Transcription

Click on the upload recording icon to get started. You can upload up a mono or stereo recorded file - wav or FLAC - that is up to 15MB in size. If you need to transcribe a larger file, please sign up for a free account.

Drop us an email ( if you have any comments.

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