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Simple usage-based pricing with no commitments. $50 in Credits provided for everyone, No Credit Card Required to start today. Contact us to increase your rate limits

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Developer Product
Per Second
Per Minute
Per Hour
Speech-to-Text – Standard - Batch
Speech-to-Text – Standard - Realtime
Speech-to-Text – Custom 3
Speech Analytics APIs
Session Time (For Telephony Bot APIs and MRCP ASR) 4
Critical Assumptions

1.   Platform usage is billed per second      but displayed in hours on the      invoice.

2.  Each STT request is subject to a      minimum billing of 6 seconds and 1      second increment after that. A      real-time request of 4 second is      billed for 6 seconds or $0.0012      ($0.00020*6) and a real-time      request for 7 seconds is      billed      $0.00020*7.

3.  Custom Speech-to-Text model are      built by training our standard      model with additional client data      using transfer learning. Pricing is      the same for batch and real-time      and is only for inference. Please      contact us for the NRE training      costs of a Custom model.

4.  For Telephony Bot API and MRCP       ASR, Session Time Increment is in       addition to Speech-to-Text       Realtime.

5.  Rate Limits apply for pay as you go.      Voicegain offers higher rate limits,      lower pricing with volume & term      commits. Please contact us at to receive      custom pricing.


Deploy Voicegain on your GPU enabled infrastructure – Datacenter or VPC. Free 30 day trial provided. Pricing has a fixed annual support cost and a variable per port or per hour cost

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Developer Product
Annual Support Costs
Per Port/Month 3
Per Audio/Hour
Speech-to-Text – Standard - Batch
Speech-to-Text – Standard - Realtime
Speech-to-Text – Custom 3
Speech Analytics APIs
Telephony Bot APIs and MRCP Increment 4

1.   Voicegain Edge refers to our platform being deployed in client Datacenter (bare-metal) or VPC. Voicegain is deployed on a Kubernetes Cluster on your GPU      enabled infrastructure. It can be monitored and orchestrated from Voicegain cloud.

2.  Client shall incur infrastructure costs and shall be responsible for monitoring of Kubernetes infrastructure.

3.  Definition of Port:

     a. For Batch, Port is defined as throughput. So 20 Ports would allow client to process up to 20 hours of audio per hour for batch transcription.

     b. For Real-time, Port is the number of concurrent sessions. E.g 20 Ports means a maximum of 20 Concurrent Real-time STT sessions during a month.

4.  Each request is subject to a minimum billing of 6 seconds and 1 second increment after that. E.g. a real-time  request for 4 seconds shall be billed for      6 seconds or $0.0012 ($0.00020*6) and a real-time request for 7 seconds shall be billed for 7 seconds.

5.  Voicegain offers lower pricing for volume & term commits. Please contact us at to receive custom pricing.

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