Zoom Meeting Transcription & Notes with Transcribe, an AI Meeting Assistant

As we announced here, Voicegain Transcribe is an AI based Meeting Assistant that you can take with you to all your work meetings. So irrespective of the meeting platform - Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Webex or Google Meet - Voicegain Transcribe has a way to support you.

We now have some exciting news for those users that regularly host Zoom meetings. Voicegain Transcribe users who are on Windows now have a free, easy and convenient way to access all their meeting transcripts and notes from their Zoom meetings. Transcribe Users can now download a new client app that we have developed - Voicegain Zoom Meeting Assistant for Local Recordings - onto their device.

With this client app, any Local Recording of a Zoom meeting (explained below) will be automatically submitted to Voicegain Transcribe. Voicegain's highly accurate AI models subsequently process the recording to generate both the transcript (Speech-to-Text) but also the minutes of the meeting and the topics discussed (NLU).

As always, you get started with a free plan that does not expire. So you can get started today without having to setup your payment information.

What is Zoom Local Recording?

Zoom provides two options to record meetings on its platform - 1) Local Recording and 2) Cloud Recording.

Zoom Local recording is a recording of the meeting that is saved on the hard disk of the user's device. There are two distinct benefits of using Zoom Local Recording

  1. Free: Zoom offers this Local Recording feature even on free Zoom accounts. So you can try this feature even if you are on an unpaid Zoom Account
  2. Privacy & Control: The audio content of your meeting could contain sensitive and confidential information. With a local recording, the audio is not shared with Zoom

Zoom Cloud Recording is when the recording of the meeting is stored on your Zoom Cloud account on Zoom's servers. Currently Voicegain does not directly integrate with Zoom Cloud Recording (however it is on our roadmap). In the interim, a user may download the Cloud Recording and upload it to Voicegain Transcribe in order to transcribe and analyze recordings saved in the cloud.

How does it work?

  1. Sign up for a free account with Voicegain Transcribe. Here is a link to our sign up page. Pick the first option.
  1. On the left menu click on Apps. You would visit a page as shown below
Zoom Meeting Assistant Download page

  1. Please refer to this knowledge-base article for steps after you download the Meeting Assistant.

Recording of individual speaker audio tracks

Zoom allows you to record individual speaker audio tracks separately as independent audio files. The screenshot above shows how to enable this feature on Zoom.

Voicegain Zoom Meeting Assistant for Local Recording supports uploading these independent audio files to Voicegain Transcribe so that you can get accurate speaker transcripts

Support for On-Premise/VPC and white-label UI

The entire Voicegain platform including the Voicegain Transcribe App and the AI models can be deployed On-Premise (or in VPC) giving an enterprise a fully secure meeting transcription and analytics offering.

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