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Announcing Voicegain Transcribe, an AI based assistant for transcription of meetings

Today, we are really excited to announce the launch of Voicegain Transcribe. Transcribe is an AI based transcription assistant for recording and transcription of in-person and web meetings, live video events and webinars. Our goal is to empower users to focus on their meetings/events and leave the note taking to us.

Voicegain Transcribe is built on top of our highly accurate deep-learning-based ASR. It is powered by the same Speech-to-Text APIs that all our developer/platform customers use today. Our out-of-the-box accuracy of 89% is on par with the very best. 

Currently there are 3 main ways you can use Voicegain Transcribe:

Screenshot of Voicegain Transcribe on first time log-in

1. Transcribe Web Meeting (using browser sharing of audio)

Users can use our browser sharing feature to record & transcribe audio that is playing on any tab on a Chrome or Edge browser. Any meeting platform that allows a browser based client is supported. Some prominent meeting platforms include Google Meet, BlueJeans, Webex and Zoom.

If the Users use a Windows based laptop/desktop, then this Browser sharing supports capturing audio from the client desktop app of the Meeting platform (e.g Zoom or Microsoft Teams). The Mac OS users does not support sharing of audio from a desktop app with Voicegain Transcribe.

2. Microphone Capture

This allows users to record and transcribe anything that is captured by the microphone on their laptop/desktop. So Users can turn on the microphone capture for an in- person meeting, lecture or event. They can also just let a web meeting or event play on their speaker and have the microphone capture what is being played on it.

3. Upload Audio Recordings

Users may also upload pre-recorded audio files of their meetings, podcasts, calls and generate the transcript. We support over 40 different formats including mp3, mp4, wav, aac and ogg). Voicegain supports speaker diarization - so we can separate speakers even on a single channel audio recording.

Languages Supported

Currently we support English and Spanish. More languages are in our roadmap - German, Portuguese, Hindi.

Advanced Features

Voicegain Transcribe also supports the following advanced Features.

a. Projects

Users can organize their meeting recordings and audio files into different projects. A project is like a workspace or a folder.

b. Named Entities & Keywords

Users can highlight named entities (dates, currency, addresses, email id) in their meeting transcript.

c. PII Redaction

Users can also mask - in both text and audio - any personally identifiable information.

Coming Soon

We are adding close integration with the Zoom meeting platform. With this, we can capture the actual speaker labels directly from Zoom. This will address errors related to diarization.

We are also adding a Chrome extension that will make it much easier to record and transcribe web meetings.

Get Started for Free today!

By signing up today, you will be signed up on our forever Free Plan - which makes you eligible for 120 mins of Meeting Transcription free every month . Once you are  satisfied with our accuracy and our user experience, you can easily upgrade to Paid Plans.

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