• Jacek Jarmulak

Voicegain offers German Speech-to-Text

We are pleased to announce availability of German Speech-to-Text on the Voicegain Platform. It is the third language that Voicegain supports after English and Spanish.

The recognition accuracy of the German model depends on the type of speech audio. Generally, we are just a few % behind the accuracy offered by the Amazon or Google Speech-to-Text engines. The advantage of our recognizer is the significantly lower price plus ability to train customized acoustic models. Custom models can have accuracy higher than that of Amazon or Google. We encourage you to use our Web Console and/or API to test the real-life performance on your own data.

Of course, Voicegain platform offers other advantages too like support for Edge (on-prem) deployments and extensive API with many options for out-of-the-box integration into e.g. telephony environments.

Currently, our Speech-to-Text API is fully functional with the German Model. Some of the Speech Analytics API functions are not yet available for German, e.g., Named Entity Recognition or Sentiment/Mood detection.

Initially the German Model is available only in the version that supports off-line transcription. Real-time version of the Model will be available in the near future.

To tell the API that you want to use the German Acoustic Model all you need to do is choose it in the Context settings. German models have 'de' in the name, e.g. VoiceGain-ol-de:1

If you would like to use the German Speech-to-Text in your application please email us at support@voicegain.ai and we will enable it for your account. If your application requires a real-time model please also let us know.

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