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Voicegain offers German Speech-to-Text

We are pleased to announce availability of German Speech-to-Text on the Voicegain Platform. It is the third language that Voicegain supports after English and Spanish.

The recognition accuracy of the German model depends on the type of speech audio. Generally, we are just a few % behind the accuracy offered by the Speech-to-Text engines of the larger players (Amazon, Google, etc). The advantage of our recognizer is its affordability, ability to train customized acoustic models and deploy it in the datacenter or VPC. Custom models can have accuracy higher than that of Amazon or Google. We also offer extensive support for integrating with telephony.

We encourage you to sign up for a developer account and use our Web Console and/or our APIs to test the real-life performance on your own data.

Currently, our Speech-to-Text API supports the German Model. Currently the German Model supports off-line transcription. Real-time/Streaming version of the Model will be available in the near future.

To use the German Acoustic Model in Voicegain Web Console, select "de" under Languages in the Speech Recognition settings.

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