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Use Cases

Live Transcription Example

We want to share a short video showing live transcription in action at CBC. This one is using our baseline Acoustic Model. No customizations were made, no hints used. This video gives an idea of what latency is achievable with real-time transcription.

Automated real-time transcription is a great solution for accommodating hearing impaired if no sign-language interpreter is available. I can be used, e.g., at churches to transcribe sermons, at conventions and meetings to transcribe talks, at educational institutions (schools, universities) to live transcribe lessons and lectures, etc.

Voicegain Platform provides a complete stack to support live transcription:

  • Utility for audio capture at source
  • Cloud based or On-Prem transcription engine and API
  • Web portal for controlling multiple simultaneous live transcriptions
  • Web-based viewer app to enable following the transcription on any device with web browser. This app can also be embedded into any web page.

Very high accuracy - above that provided by Google, Amazon, and Microsoft Cloud speech-to-text - can be achieved through Acoustic Model customization.

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