Announcing release of LLM-powered summarization and SSO with Voicegain Transcribe

We are super excited to announce the release of two new features with our Voicegain Transcribe app.

(i) Summarization powered by LLMs.

(ii) Single Sign On (Currently available for Voicegain Edge/On-Prem customers only)

1. Summarization & Key Item Extraction

Summarization of a transcript is extremely valuable for various types of audio content. Whether a user is transcribing a business meeting, a classroom lecture, a podcast or a web event, reviewing just the summary of the transcript is a big time-saver compared to having to read the entire transcript. With this release, every transcript generated by Voicegain Transcribe will be summarized accurately using powerful state-of-the-art LLMs.

In addition to the summary of the transcript, Voicegain also supports extraction of key items like Actions, Issues, Risks, and Dependencies.

For users of Voicegain Transcribe Cloud, the summarization is powered by ChatGPT (GPT 3.5 Turbo APIs). Essentially we submit the meeting transcript to ChatGPT and we ask it to summarize the meeting. We display and store the returned summary in Voicegain Transcribe.

For users of Voicegain Transcribe Edge/On-Prem, we offer an open-source LLM model that has been fine-tuned on meeting data. This fine-tuned LLM model gets deployed along with the entire Voicegain platform behind the customer's firewall (whether in a private cloud or datacenter).

2. Single Sign On using OIDC

With this new release, Voicegain Transcribe also supports the SSO feature using the OIDC protocol. Most popular Identity Management software solutions - like Okta, Ping Identity, Microsoft, Oracle, RSA etc support the OIDC protocol.

This feature is currently available only to Voicegain Edge/On-Prem customers and it will be made available very soon to Voicegain Cloud customers too.

About Voicegain Transcribe

Voicegain Transcribe is a privacy-first Meeting AI platform that can be deployed "fully behind" the firewall of a company/business. It is also available for access as a cloud service.

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