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Use Cases

Voicegain Speech Recognition for Voice Picking for Warehouses

Among the various speech-to-text APIs that Voicegain provides is a speech recognition API that uses grammars and supports continuous recognition. This API is ideally suitable for use in warehouse Voice Picking applications. Warehouse Management Systems can embed Voicegain APIs to offer Voice Picking as part of their feature set.

Here are more details of that specific API:

  • Audio input - supports streaming of audio via websockets for very easy integration with web based or Android/iOS applications (gRPC support is in beta)
  • Results of recognition are available via websocket or http callbacks in JSON format. Sending recognition results over websockets is a recent addition and it makes building web based voice picking applications much easier.
  • Supports grammar based recognition - better suited for a well defined set of commands compared to large-vocabulary speech-to-text. Has higher accuracy, better noise rejection, better handling of various accents, etc. Using grammas provides a benefit of fast end-pointing - the recognizer knows that the command has been completely uttered and there is no additional timeout needed to determine end-of-speech.We support a variant of JSGF grammar format which is very intuitive and easy to use.
  • Supports continuous recognition - multiple commands can be recognized in a single http session. Continuous recognition allows for the commands to be spaced closer together and allows for natural correction of misrecognitions by simple repetition.

In addition to that Voicegain Speech-to-Text platform provides additional benefits for Voice Picking applications:

  • Acoustic/language model is customizable - this allows for very high recognition accuracy for specific domains
  • Web-based tools available for reviewing utterance recognitions. These tools allow for tuning of grammars and for collection of utterances for model training.

Together this allows for your Voice Picking application to continually learn and improve.

Our APIs are available in the Cloud but can also be hosted at the Edge (on-prem) which can increase reliability and reduce the already low latencies.

If you would like to test our API and see how they would fit in your warehouse applications you can start with the fully functional example web app that we have made available on github: platform/examples/command-grammar-web-app at master · voicegain/platform (

If you have any question please email us at You can also sign-up for a free account on Voicegain Platform via our Web Console at:  

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