New Languages Available in Voicegain Speech-to-Text

[Updated: 5/27/2022]

In addition to the current support for English, Spanish, Hindi, and German languages in its Speech-to-Text platform, Voicegain is releasing support for many new languages over the next couple of months.

Languages Generally Available right now
  • English - blend of mainly US, UK, Irish accents - includes punctuation and digit/time/currency formatting support
  • Spanish - focused on Latin America accents - includes punctuation and digit/time/currency formatting support
  • Hindi
  • German

You can access these languages right now from the Web Console or via our Transcribe App or via the API

Languages available right now in Alpha early access program

Upon request we will make these languages available for your testing. Generally, they can be available within hours from receiving a request. Please contact us at

  • Portuguese - blend of European and Brazilian Portuguese
  • Polish
  • Korean
  • Dutch
  • Ukrainian
What does "Alpha early access" mean?

The Alpha early access models differ from full-featured production models in the following ways:

  • They are not good at rejecting background noise, music, etc.
  • The  vocabulary may be limited - they may not be good at recognizing names of products, people, places, etc. Generally the vocabulary is the core every day vocabulary of a given language.
  • They will not be good at recognizing heavy or unusual accents.
  • Punctuation and capitalization is not available.
  • Formatting of digits, time, dates, currencies is not available.
  • For languages not using Latin alphabet, there could be occasional glitches in the characters in the transcript.
  • Initially most of those models are available in offline/batch mode only. We are working on training the real-time/streaming models.

As alpha models are being trained on additional data, their accuracy will improve. We are also working on punctuation, capitalization, and formatting of each of those models.

Languages that will be available in the first half of June
  • French - blend of European French (Metropolitan) and Canadian French (Quebec)

We will update this post as soon as these languages are available in the Alpha early access program.

Languages available by end of June
  • Arabic
  • Italian
Do not see a language that you need?

Since our language models are created exclusively with End-to-End Deep Learning, we can perform transfer learning from one language to another, and quickly support new languages and dialects to better meet your use case. Don’t see your language listed below? Contact us at, as new languages and dialects are released frequently.

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