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Voicegain Transcribe as an On-Premise or Private Cloud based Meeting AI Assistant

Like Voicegain Transcribe, there are other cloud-based Meeting AI and AI note-taking solutions that work with video meeting platforms like Zoom and Microsoft Teams. However they do not meet the requirements of privacy-sensitive enterprise customers in financial services, healthcare, manufacturing and high-tech and other industry verticals. Data privacy and control issues would mean that these customers would want to deploy an AI based meeting assistant in their private infrastructure behind their corporate firewall.

Voicegain Transcribe, built for the Edge - On-Prem or Private Cloud

Voicegain Transcribe has been designed and developed for the On-Prem Datacenter or Virtual Private Cloud use-case. Voicegain has already deployed this at a large global Fortune 50 company, making it one of the first truly On-premise/private-cloud AI Meeting Assistant solutions in the market.

The key features of Voicegain Transcribe are:

  1. Integrates with Zoom Local Recordings - In addition to data privacy and control this ensures 100% accurate speaker labels
  2. Custom AI Models - both Speech-to-Text and NLU models that summarize the meeting & extract key items  - are trained on customer data and are deployed behind the enterprise firewall
  3. Integrate with Enterprise SSO and email systems for signup
  4. Integrates with Local Storage & Databases

1. Zoom Local Recordings for 100% accurate Speaker labels

Zoom Local Recordings are recordings of your meetings that are saved in your computer's hard disk on your file-system and not on Zoom's cloud. This feature ensures that confidential and privacy-sensitive recorded audio and video content is stored within the enterprise and is not accessible to Zoom.

Voicegain offers a Windows desktop app (App for Mac OS is on the roadmap) that accesses these Zoom recordings and submits it for transcription and NLU.

The other major advantage of Zoom Local Recordings is that Zoom supports recording of a separate audio track for each participant. This feature is not available in its Cloud recording as of yet (as of Feb 2023). Voicegain Transcribe with Zoom Local Recordings can hence assign speaker labels with 100% accuracy. 

There are vendors that offer Meeting Assistants that join from the Cloud and record. However when this solution is picked, the Meeting Assistant has access only to a blended/merged mono audio file which includes audio of all the participants. So Meeting AI solution has to "diarize" the meeting audio - which is an inherently difficult problem to solve. Even state-of-the-art diarization/speaker separation models are only 83-85% accurate.

2. Customizable AI Models

For any Meeting AI solution to extract meaningful insights, the accuracy of the underlying transcription is extremely important. If the Speech-to-Text is not accurate, then even the best NLU algorithm or the largest language model cannot deliver valuable and accurate analytics.

Voicegain can train the underlying Speech-to-Text to help accurately transcribe different accents, customer specific words and the specifiic acoustic environment.

3. Enterprise SSO and email systems

Voicegain integrates with Enterprise SSO solutions using SAML. Voicegain also integrates with internal email systems to simplify user management tasks like sign-up, password reset and changes, adds and deletes.

4. Enterprise Storage & Database

All the meeting audio, transcripts and NLU-based analytics are stored in enterprise controlled NoSQL and SQL databases. Enterprises can either use in-house staff to maintain/administer these databases and storage or they can also use a managed database option like MongoDB Atlas or Managed PostgreSQL from a cloud provider like Azure, AWS or GCP

If you are looking for a Meeting AI solution that can be deployed fully behind your corporate firewall or in your own Private Cloud infrastructure, then Voicegain Transcribe is the perfect fit for your needs.

Have questions? We would love to hear from you. Send us an email -sales@voicegain.ai or support@voicegain.ai and we will be happy to offer more details.

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