AI Meeting Transcription and Summaries on free Zoom accounts

This article describes how users on free or unpaid Zoom plans can get AI generated meeting transcripts, summaries, and actions items.

Cloud-based Meeting AI SaaS solutions do not work on free Zoom accounts

There are many compelling generative AI powered SaaS offerings for transcription, summarization, and action item extraction for Zoom Meetings. These include companies like Otter, Grain, Read, Fireflies, Krisp, Superhuman and others. However, all these cloud-based Meeting AI SaaS solutions require paid Zoom accounts – and this because they integrate with Zoom Cloud recording which is a feature in the paid Zoom plan.

Why is a this a bigger problem than it seems?

Now paid Zoom plans are quite affordable – the Pro Zoom plan(as of the date of this post) is priced at $16/month. However, many businesses – whether they are a small startup, a mid-size business or an enterprise customer– use free Zoom plans for a vast majority of the employees in the company. In speaking with prospective customers, we estimate that for many businesses only 5 – 10% of the employee base has a paid Zoom plan.

Meetings on a free Zoom plan can only be up to 40 minutes – which is adequate for most meetings. Hence it works quite well for a large segment of users. Now if these meetings need to be transcribed and summarized, users would need to upgrade to a paid plan. For many businesses, since 90%+of the users are on free Zoom plans, upgrading all them to a paid plan can be a very significant expense.

How does Voicegain Transcribe address this challenge?

Voicegain Transcribe is an AI meeting assistant that integrates with Zoom Local Recording. Zoom Local Recording allows users to save the Zoom recording to their local computer instead of Zoom’s Cloud. A big advantage of Zoom Local Recording is that it is available on free Zoom plans. As a result, there is no need to upgrade to a paid Zoom license. Voicegain Transcribe also has a free tier that is good for 5 hours (300 minutes) every month. As a result, users that host or attend up to 10 half-hour Zoom meetings can get transcription and LLM-powered insights like summarization and action item extraction for free.

The added benefit – Data Privacy

Of-course, the other major benefit of local recording is data privacy. Many businesses do not like to store sensitive meeting content on Zoom’sCloud or for that matter on any another vendor’s cloud – but they are forced to do so because of lack of options. Especially in the age of AI and LLMs, there is a lot of concern and paranoia around proprietary information being used to train AI models.  

While any business can started a trial with Voicegain’s multi-tenant cloud SaaS offering, our entire solution can be deployed as a single-tenant solution in your private cloud. Voicegain transcribe can operate fully independently - without the need to connect to our cloud for any service.

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