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VoiceGain Platform Pricing Announced

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

[UPDATED: October 20, 2020] [UPDATED: July 12, 2020]

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[UPDATED: March 11, 2020]

Dallas, TX. Today Voicegain has announced it very competitive pricing for its ASR / IVR platform.


To understand how the pricing applies to the various components and services of the Voicegain platform let's define some of the terminology used:

  • Time - the time referenced in pricing is the Audio time, not the processing time. For example, if 1 hour long audio is submitted for off-line transcription and the transcription takes 20 minutes, the customer will be billed for 60 minutes of Speech-to-Text Engine time.

  • Session time - this may be one of the following types of sessions: SIP/RTP. WebRTC, MRCP, Programmable IVR, real-time streaming (websocket, gRPC). During such session multiple recognition events may occur which will be billed separately from the underlying session. -- Time billed is from start of the session to the end of it.

  • Cloud - services provided by Voicegain in the Cloud - pricing covers both the license and the Voicegain operating cost (hardware, power, bandwidth) of the services

  • Edge - services run on customer provided infrastructure - the price is just the license.

  • Premium Model - the default Voicegain Acoustic Model available to all customers - for accuracy see the blog post.

  • Standard Model - less accurate (by about 2-3% WER) but less expensive Voicegain Acoustic Models - please contact us if you would like to use this model.

  • User-Trained (Custom) Model - Acoustic Model trained by the Customer. There is no extra cost to Custom Model Training however when used on Cloud it requires use commitments.

Pricing: Voicegain Cloud & Edge

  • Standard Acoustic Model Speech-to-Text: 0.70 cents per minute

  • Premium and Custom Acoustic Model Speech-to-Text: 0.95 cents per minute

  • Session Time: 0.25 cents per minute


Details about how time is counted towards billing, SLA, etc.

  • None of the billing is per port. Voicegain does not license or bill ports - only the time used is billed.

  • If Speech-to-Text is used together with IVR then the Recognizer time is billed on top of IVR session.

  • Speech-to-Text time accrues at 1 second increments with minimum charge of 1 seconds.

  • MRCP, SIP, WebRTC and Programmable IVR Session Time accrues at 1 second increments with minimum session charge of 10 seconds

  • gRPC and Websocket Streaming Session Time accrues at 1 second increments with minimum session charge of 10 seconds

  • SLA details are available here.

  • Large volume discounts are available. The discounts are even larger for customers using Edge deployments.

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