• Jacek Jarmulak

Voicegain now deployable on your AWS Virtual Private Cloud

Updated: May 26, 2020

Voicegain Platform

Voicegain Speech-to-Text platform offers multiple products starting from Web API (giving access to large vocabulary transcription and grammar-based recognition) through MRCP compatible ASR engine and full-featured Transcription (including Live Transcription) all the way to complete IVR platform (with phone number provisioning and call-back style interaction control) and speech Call Analytics. All of this conveniently available in the Cloud, but also deployable at the Edge.

Edge Deployment Advantages

Voicegain platform has always been deployable in an automated way on local hardware with cloud orchestration. Our clients with on-premise GPU Server infrastructure have had the capability to do this with a few clicks from the Cloud Portal (see these videos for demonstration).

You can read about the advantages of this style of Edge Deployment in our previous blog post. To summarize, these advantages are :

  1. Low Network Latencies & High Network Reliability

  2. Lower Bandwidth Cost

  3. Data Privacy and Control

  4. Lower Computing Resource Cost

These benefits are also largely applicable for enterprise clients that use a Virtual Private Cloud on AWS to run some of their enterprise workloads.

Edge Deployment on AWS "Private Cloud"

Many enterprises have migrated several enterprise workloads to AWS Cloud infrastructure in order to benefit from the scale, flexibility and ease of maintenance. While moving these workloads to the Cloud, these enterprises largely prefer the private cloud offerings of AWS. e.g., using VPC network isolation, Site-to-Site VPN and dedicated compute instances. For these enterprises, ideally any new workload should be capable of being run inside their AWS VPC. In particular, if an enterprise already has dedicated AWS compute instances or hosts, they could realize all of the above 4 advantages of Edge Deployment by deploying into their dedicated AWS infrastructure.

Voicegain Platform Deployed into AWS

Recently, anticipating interest of some of our customers we have performed extensive tests of complete deployment of our platform into AWS. Because Voicegain platform is Kubernetes based, there are essentially only two differences from deployment onto local on-premise hardware – these are:

  • (rather obviously) How you prepare and setup the K8s cluster in particular users and roles – for security you will want to keep the Voicegain cluster separated this way from the rest of your AWS infrastructure.

  • How you enable network access to the provisioned deployment - you will need to modify inbound rules in the Security Group for the cluster, rather than modifying settings on your router/firewall.

Otherwise, the core of the deployment process is pretty much identical between on premise hardware and AWS VPC.

You can read the details involved in the AWS deployment process on Voicegain github pages.

Try Voicegain on AWS

If you are looking to add dedicated Speech-to-Text functionality (API, Transcription, IVR, Call Analytics) to your software/services deployed into AWS, we invite you to give Voicegain a try. You can start by signing up for our Free Trial or email us at info@voicegain.ai.