• Nathan Brubaker

Voice enable your products with $50 in credits

Updated: Sep 30, 2021

Voicegain is opening access to its Deep Neural Network based Speech-to-text platform to developers worldwide. We are offering $50 (~5000 minutes) of monthly use of our APIs and platform.

Whether you are building a voice assistant, speech enabling your app or chatbot, modernizing your IVR or just transcribing a podcast or recording, you can check out our speech-to-text platform by signing up today.

Key features include:

  • Real time & offline speech-to-text APIs

  • Invoke using web (https & Websockets) or telephony protocols (SIP & MRCP)

  • Customizability of acoustic and language models

Our speech-to-text platform runs on modern GPU infrastructure managed by Google. We offer disruptive pricing that would enable you to provide a voice interface for any product that you are building.

To sign up, please click here. If you have questions on our offer, please see our FAQs

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