• Nathan Brubaker

Voice enable your products with our Free Tier Offer

Updated: Aug 16

Voicegain is opening access to its Deep Neural Network based Speech-to-text platform to developers worldwide. For a limited time, as a promotion for early adopters we are offering a free tier of 300 minutes of monthly use of our APIs and platform.

Whether you are building a voice assistant, speech enabling your app or chatbot, modernizing your IVR or just transcribing a podcast or recording, you can check out our speech-to-text platform by signing up today.

Key features include:

  • Real time & offline speech-to-text APIs

  • Invoke using web (https & Websockets) or telephony protocols (SIP & MRCP)

  • Support both grammar based and large vocabulary speech-to-text

  • Customizability of acoustic and language models

Our speech-to-text platform runs on modern GPU infrastructure managed by Google. We offer disruptive pricing that would enable you to provide a voice interface for any product that you are building.

Features coming soon include WebRTC support, programmable speech IVR using web callbacks, APIs for speech analytics.

To sign up to the free tier offer, please click here. If you have questions on our offer, please see our FAQs

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