• Jacek Jarmulak

Video Demo of Edge Deployment

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

We have posted in our YouTube Channel a 3-part video showing from start to finish all the steps that go into Edge Deployment of Voicegain speech-to-text platform onto a single Dell Workstation.

The 3 videos show:

  1. Install of Ubuntu 18.04 on a Dell workstation with single Nvidia GPU (Geforce GTX 1060). The machine was pretty basic with a single Xeon E5-1630 CPU, 64 GB RAM, 2TB Hard Drive but perfectly suitable for a trial or development use.

  2. Automated install of Nvidia and Kubernetes components on the workstation. In also includes establishing connectivity to Voicegain Cloud.

  3. Using Voicegain Cloud Portal to deploy into the Kubernetes cluster setup in step 2 the Voicegain Platform components needed for Speech-to-Text API and Transcription. The video ends with the demonstration of speech transcription on the local Edge Deployment using a locally hosted Voicegain Web Portal.

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