• Jacek Jarmulak

Python script for testing automated speech recognition (ASR) accuracy

Many of our customers have been asking us for help in benchmarking Voicegain speech-to-text recognizer (ASR) on their specific audio files. To make this benchmarking easier we have released a python script that accomplishes just that. With a single command line you can transcribe all audio files from the input directory and compare them against reference transcripts - calculating the WER for each file. You can also do a 2-way comparison of reference vs Voicegain transcript vs Google Speech-to-Text transcript.

The script and the documentation is available at: https://github.com/voicegain/platform/tree/master/utility-scripts/test-transcribe

See our benchmark blog post to give you an idea of what kind of accuracy to expect from the Voicegain recognizer.

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