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Private Beta Accounts Offered

Updated: Mar 11, 2020

[UPDATE 3/11/2020: Private Beta program has been replaced with Free Trial].

VoiceGain is currently offering Private Beta accounts ahead of planned launch October 1st.


Private betas are are intended to gather feedback from a carefully selected group of users.

Some of the things that we, VoiceGain would like to learn from our users are:

Specifics of real Edge Deployment install scenarios. We want to see if there are any difficulties that customers may encounter while configuring a base Edge cluster for deployment of VoiceGain applications. Do we need to improve our support documentation? Do we need to support other types of storage? How are the customer's utilizing logging? What are their hardware purchase considerations, etc.

Quality of our documentation and support process. Do we need to add examples of specific use case to our FAQs and Knowledge Base.

What are specific specifics of use scenarios. Are the means to feed audio to our APIs sufficient to cover actual use case? Are the mechanisms to obtain recognition results sufficiently flexible.

Is the process for customizing Acoustic Model working working for the customer?

Is our recognizer able to adapt to speech from the customer domain?

Is our IVR integrating well with existing customer infrastructure?

Our Beta customers will benefit from:

No cost (or reduced cost) use of VoiceGain Platform during the beta period.

Free premium support. Ability to talk directly with VoiceGain Developers when resolving any issues,

Possibility of customizing the API to specific use cases, e.g., custom streaming protocol, custom data storage, custom audio formats, etc.

How to Participate

First of all let us know you would like to be a beta customer either via the form on our website, or or email us at private.beta@voicegain.ai

Our sales and dev team will reach out to you to understand more about your project(s) that you would like to test under the beta program. If we think this is the right fit, we will ask you to sign the Private Beta Agreement with the needed NDAs. The NDAs go both ways, so our teams can share all the necessary information to make the beta project success.

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