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Job Opening: Software Engineer (Kubernetes)

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

[Note: this position has already been filled]

Who we are

VoiceGain, a Speech Recognition / Artificial Intelligence startup located in Dallas, TX. We are now in a Private Beta phase -- opening our new Cloud/Edge Speech Recognition Platform to customers. You can learn more about VoiceGain and our platform at www.voicegain.ai

Who we are looking for

A Software Engineer with extensive Kubernetes experience.

What would you work on

Lead the design and implementation of Kubernetes related aspects of VoiceGain platform, both for the cloud and for on-prem servers. VoiceGain platform presents some particular challenges w.r.t Kubernetes because it is not a mere webservice fronting an object store. Voicegain platform has the added complexity of e.g. : a) multiple ports open for audio streaming & SIP, b) GPU instances and specific GPU affinity, c) complex job queues for off-line processing, d) local persistent volumes, e) remote on-prem deployment, etc.

In addition to working on Kubernetes related tasks you would also be working on the back-end aspects of the VoiceGain platform, e.g., jobs and queues, auto scaling, auto reconfiguration, monitoring, distributed resource monitoring and task allocation, etc.

What we require

  • Master's degree in Computer Science or equivalent

  • Real experience with Docker, Kubernetes and Helm (all 3) in large and/or complex real-world deployments <= this is the key requirement each candidate will be evaluated on.

  • Real Python and/or Java experience

  • Being a genuinely smart programmer - we are looking for someone who likes/enjoys programming

  • Dedication - we are a small startup and everyone in our team makes a difference. We have no place for people who just want to tag along.

  • Good team player.

  • Obviously, a candidate has to be authorized to work in the USA

Not strictly required, but good to have

  • Experience with Redis, MongoDB, Firestore, Firebase, S3/Object Storage

  • Experience with Google Cloud Platform

  • Experience with Keras, Tensorflow, etc. It is a plus even if you just worked on a team that used these or similar frameworks.

  • Understanding of networking - TCP/UDP/NAT/Various protocols

  • SIP / VOIP experience (that is just a bonus)

  • Knowledge C++ - occasionally we have to hack some opensource C code.

What we offer

  • Competitive salary + plus stock options

  • Ability to work in a small startup in a hot high-tech field with latest technologies

  • 401k, medical, PTO, all the usual stuff

  • Possibly relocation assistance - but note that we want to hire fast so local candidates are preferred

You would be expected to work from our Dallas, TX office.


Send us an email with your resume to jobs@voicegain.ai

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