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Budget Edge Trial Hardware

Updated: Oct 7

Dell Precision T5810 Workstation on ebay

[NOTE: This post is now more than 2 years old, so of course the available hardware choices regarding the Workstation and GPUs are different now. ]

In this post we describe an example of some very low cost hardware suitable to run Voicegain in Edge Deployments. This hardware is suitable for a very low cost Edge Deployment Trial, but might also work for some other use cases, e.g., for a non-profit, for a dev environment, etc. The important consideration if using this setup beyond the trial is that the locally created/generated data (e.g. transcripts, language models) will be stored on this single machine, which may become single point of failure resulting in a data loss. Please consult our Support Pages for info about how to backup data off single machine setups.

Here is a list of all that is needed with prices:

  • Dell Precision T5810 with 64GB RAM off ebay for about $385 (incl. shipping)

  • add 1TB hard drive if it does not already have it - $109.99

  • Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660 card (or better) - $229.99 - Note that Nvidia does not allow use of GeForce consumer cards in data centers, but we assume that this type of setup would not be intended to be deployed in a data center.

Total cost of hardware about $725

Edge Deployment to a single node like this is very simple. Takes just a few steps:

  1. Install base Ubuntu 18.04 on the system, see our video for details.

  2. Login into Voicegain Portal and Add new Edge Deployment. Choose the EZSetup.

  3. Follow the EZSetup Wizard. If you system is behind a firewall, you may choose the Transmogrifier option (which will use reverse SSH Tunnel over HTTPS for the control connection)

  4. Run the provided scripts commands on the Edge machine

  5. After scripts have completed you can login locally into your Edge server's Web Portal..

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