Future proof your Speech Recognizer for $9,999*


Our offer - future proof your Speech Recognizer for $9,999*

Voicegain is offering enterprises its industry-first containerized Deep Neural Network based Speech-to-Text platform at an annual license price of $9,999. As standards like VoiceXML and MRCP approach obsolescence, enterprises can upgrade their legacy ASR to the Voicegain platform as a way to future proof their existing investments in IVR infrastructure.

Voicegain's DNN-based ASRs run on modern Nvidia Tesla GPUs. They provide competitive accuracy at a disruptive price . Enterprises can also build NLP powered conversational voice bots using​ Voicegain APIs. They can leverage​ their existing NLP platform and chatbot logic to drive these voice bots.

At the same-time, the Voicegain ASR is compliant with traditional protocols like MRCP, VoiceXML and SRGS. Using Voicegain will not require any modifications to application code. 

Net-net, Voicegain can be added as a 'plug-in' module to existing enterprise speech IVR infrastructure without having to rewrite or replace any of the existing application logic. Clients can initially implement Voicegain as an active-active disaster-recovery option for business continuity.

What kind of enterprises is this a good fit for? 


This offer is a good fit for companies in banking, financial services, insurance, telecom, cable MSOs, media, retail, health care, or any other industry that uses VoiceXML based Speech IVRs.

Clients that process 5 million minutes of Speech IVR or more annually can provide a business justification for use of Voicegain as an active-active disaster recovery solution.

What are the benefits of the Voicegain DNN based Speech ASR?

  1. Support development of Voice bots that are powered by NLP

  2. Introduce a DNN based ASR that runs on GPUs as your legacy ASRs approach obsolescence

  3. Handle sudden surge in call volumes or seasonal variations with a flexible usage based price (since our pricing is not port-based)

  4. Avoid costs due to forced upgrade fees as legacy ASR approach end-of-life

  5. Improve Out-of-Grammar accuracy with our large vocabulary models

  6. Train custom acoustic model for your specific domain using Voicegain APIs


What resources would an Enterprise need?

  • Speech Scientist: A speech scientist should test all your existing speech grammars and ensure that you are satisfied with the accuracy. Luckily, Voicegain provides its GREG (Grammar regression) tool that helps benchmark grammars against existing ASR

  • VoiceXML Platform Engineer: This will be a trivial update - just a few lines. The platform engineer will just need to invoke our DNN ASR as a backup over MRCP.

  • Devops Engineer (with K8s expertise): Voicegain ASR is a containerized application that runs on a Kubernetes Cluster. The Devops Engineer will need to provision Kubernetes cluster for Voicegain

  • Server & Storage Administrator: Help procure a set of servers with the right GPU and storage options and provision it in your datacenter.

  • Network Engineer: Configure connectivity between Voicegain Edge Deployment and the rest of the Speech IVR Infrastructure. Configure firewall appropriately.



What is the out-of-pocket Investment required?

Voicegain estimates a total out-of-pocket investment of $70,000. Of this will be $50,000 for hardware, $10,000 for Voicegain licensing and $10,000 for any consulting and support required.

Can I try for free?

Voicegain offers open access of its cloud Speech-to-Text platform to developers. We are currently offering a free tier of 600 minutes to help developers test our APIs and our platform.

*1) Annual Subscription Cost for up to 1M minutes of annual use 

*2) Excludes cost of GPU Hardware, any professional services/consulting fees to setup K8s infrastructure with GPUs

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